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Sample question from the Empion Culture Test: problem solving at work

What is your preference for work hours: fixed or completely flexible? This is one of eight questions in our cultural assessment.

In addition to inquiring about your preferences for hard facts like employee benefits, we also explore soft factors such as appreciation and respect.

Regardless of whether you are undergoing a career transition, returning to the workforce, or seeking self-fulfillment, the cultural evaluation using the Empion method will assist you in finding an employer that aligns with your individual values.

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Headhunting quality

Headhunting quality

Leave the job search to us - with Empion, you will have your very own personal headhunter who focuses on your individual needs
Cultural Fit

Cultural Fit

Rethink your job search priorities - with individually created cultural profiles, you'll gain deeper insights into both yourself and potential employers
Efficient Job Search

Efficient Job Search

Stop wasting time on irrelevant job postings - Empion's targeted job matching ensures you only see job opportunities that fit your needs and preferences.
Convenient and Flexible

Convenient and Flexible

Experience the convenience of having employers come to you - Empion's unique approach to job matching puts you in control of the process. Whether you accept or decline their offer is entirely up to you.
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“My Talent Success Manager was incredibly responsive to my needs. I felt completely supported throughout the process and knew I was in good hands. Thank you so much!”

Empion talent Matthias Lackner

Matthias Lackner

Account Manager

“With the cultural test, I learned a lot about myself and companies, which helped me finally find my dream job. Thank you, Empion!”

Empion talent Jaqueline Karrenbauer

Jaqueline Karrenbauer

Product Owner

“Job sought and found! 10 days after quitting my old employer, I already had a new job offer. A real "perfect match"!”

Empion talent Tanja Otten

Tanja Otten

Social Media Manager

“The job search with XX was very special. For the first time, companies applied to me - not the other way around!”

Empion talent Dennis Kulow

Dennis Kulow

Data Scientist

“My Talent Success Manager listened, applied a suitable matching strategy and successfully placed me in a management position at the advertised company!”

Empion talent Steffen Fein

Steffen Fein

Chapter Lead SEA

Scientific basics & studies

The Empion Method

After years of research and subsequent doctoral studies in mathematics and business administration, Dr. Annika von Mutius und Dr. Larissa Leitner developed the Empion method. The implementation of two market studies verified the results of the methodology, in which current labor market trends were analyzed and defined with the help of applicants and companies.

In this way, the Empion method enables all aspects of a company's corporate culture to be presented in a measurable way. The resulting culture test contains 8 questions in the short version. The questionnaire takes into account both hard facts such as employer performance (e.g. employee benefits) and soft facts such as corporate culture (e.g. communication within the company).

Together with the Institute for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Family Enterprises WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, the Empion method is continuously developed and optimized.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Empion is an AI-based recruiting solution that helps you find your dream job quickly and effectively. Using the science-based Empion method, we create your individual cultural profile and match you with suitable companies. All you need to do is take our culture test, and our Talent Success Team is always available to assist you with personal interviews. Once we find a successful match, suitable companies will contact you directly, and you can decide whether to accept or reject the offer.
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