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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Empion.

General questions

About Empion

Empion is an AI-powered automated headhunting solution for professionals that matches talent and companies based on skills and cultural fit. This leads to higher employee retention rates and a more successful outcome for both parties. The application process is also streamlined and time-saving.
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For talents

Empion provides a personal headhunter that matches you with suitable employers based on your cultural profile. Our AI-based technology matches you with employers who are a good fit for you. Companies will contact you directly, and you will only focus on those that match your skills and cultural fit.
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For companies

Empion recommends only talent that has both the required skills and cultural fit, resulting in time savings of up to 16 hours per hire and up to 40% increase in employee retention. Empion's AI-based technology streamlines the search for qualified employees, making it fast and easy.