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Products & Features

Products & Features

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Smart search for talents

The Empion Solution

Find suitable applicants quickly and easily! The Empion methodology delivers talent with the right skills and cultural fit. This increases your employee retention by up to 40%.

Thanks to comprehensive culture analysis, you receive an actual-target comparison and can directly derive recommendations for action.

Our culture and skill matching are based on artificial intelligence (AI).

In the shortest possible time, we provide you with pre-qualified applicants for screening.

The advantages of Empion at a glance

Our Services

Culture Analysis

Culture Analysis

How well do you know your corporate culture? Find out now! Thanks to a practical actual-target comparison, you can derive direct recommendations for action for your corporate culture.
Tender Flat Rate

Tender Flat Rate

You can advertise as many job positions as you like. Compensation is based on how much talent they actually hire.
Automated Headhunting

Automated Headhunting

Through automated headhunting, we provide you with pre-qualified candidates who we have selected and already interviewed using skill and culture matching.


Our product provides you with a simple tracking system that allows you to have an overview of the status of your candidates and their cultural fit in your personal dashboard at any time.


Do you have any questions or suggestions? Our Empion team consists of experienced experts who are ready to help and advise you.
AI-based technology

AI-based technology

Our AI-based technology provides the best foundation for a successful collaboration. With Empion, you optimize your application process and bring individuality to recruiting.
Science & AI

The Empion method

Empion combines scientific methodology and artificial intelligence. The two founders developed the Empion method during their doctoral studies. With this, they are able to present all aspects of a company's corporate culture in a measurable way.

At the end of 2021, the two founded the startup of the same name. Empion is the first automated robo-advisor for the skilled labor market. AI-based technology and culture matching enable it to offer an all-in-one recruiting solution to talents as well as companies.

In doing so, the AI generates individual questions from a selection of 100 million possible ones, tailored to the preferences of the talent. Thus, Empion succeeds in quantifying the resumes and value propositions of the applicants and matches them with suitable companies based on the results.

Uni Aalen
Traditional job ad vs. customized recruiting experience

AI in Recruiting

The job ad is one of the top channels for recruiting; however, it does not meet the demands of today's job market, which is facing challenges due to the shortage of skilled workers. To overcome this challenge, an individual approach to recruiting is necessary. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play. We can show you how to use AI to transform your recruiting process into an individualized talent search. Recruiting is often accidental rather than intentional. The reason for this lies in the way we identify and approach talent, resulting in a large scattering of candidates, of which only a few are actually relevant. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, you can streamline this process and find talent faster and more accurately, making it more efficient. Our whitepaper provides insights into how AI can significantly increase the efficiency of your recruiting efforts. We offer you best practices to independently expand your reach and take your recruiting strategy to the next level.

Empion's Hiring Process Is That Compelling

Our Quality Standards

72 hours
until the first match

With our effective recruiting process, we suggest suitable talent in the shortest possible time.

2 weeks
until the first talent in the interview process

Within 14 days, you can start the interview process with already pre-qualified talent.

25 days
as average time to hire

The application process with Empion is characterized by high efficiency. Hire suitable talent in less than a month.

higher hiring rate compared to competitors

Thanks to our innovative recruiting approach, you perform better in the competition for qualified workers.

than average hiring rate

This means that every 10th application through Empion leads to the perfect talent and a successful hire.

higher employee retention

Thanks to Cultural Fit, employees are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and accordingly stay with the company for the long term.
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