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This is Empion

We create happy working conditions

Meet the Founders of Empion

What inspired Empion

After earning doctorates in mathematics and economics from WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Dr. Annika von Mutius & Dr. Larissa Leitner established Empion in December 2021 with the aim of promoting attractive employers in the job market. The name "Empion" derives from "Employer" and "Champion.

„Our vision at Empion is to personalize the recruitment process and empower both companies and job applicants to create unique experiences in talent and job searches.“

Dr. Annika von Mutius & Dr. Larissa Leitner

How everything started

From problem to solution

During their research period, the two founders got to know many companies and identified one problem in particular: While many companies have a strong corporate culture, it is hardly visible, especially to applicants.

Thanks to Empion, companies can not only better understand their corporate culture, but also continuously develop it. Moreover, as the first automated headhunter for the skilled labor market, Empion not only finds culturally appropriate employees, but also automates the search for talent on a very individual basis.

But employees also face challenges because many employees are not happy with their jobs. 7 out of 10 job satisfaction factors can be attributed purely to the company's culture. During the job search, it can be challenging for employees to find authentic information about corporate culture. As a result, employees may struggle to find fulfilling jobs, and forecasts suggest that Gen Z may change employers an average of 20 times.

As an AI-driven robo advisor, Empion automates the job search process and provides personalized recommendations that align with an individual's needs and preferences. Thanks to Empion, companies can not only better understand their corporate culture but also continuously improve it. As the first automated headhunter for the skilled labor market, Empion not only finds culturally appropriate employees but also provides a personalized approach to talent search.

Our Empions

These great people are changing recruiting


Co-Founder & Managing Director


Co-Founder & Managing Director




Business Development








HR / Talent Success




Talent Success













Our Values at Empion

Discover what Empion stands for

Permission to play Values



These two words should capture it all! But to be more specific we define it as respectful interactions, both internally and externally, with all our stakeholders. No asshole policy. We believe in building a sustainable business, respecting the environment!

give & take


We say what we think – without hierarchies or sensitivities. We are willing to learn - and learning only works with honest feedback. We create a safe and fair space, while supporting and looking out for everyone around us.

Core Values



We couldn’t decide on one word - so we created a new one. Proptimistic is the mix between pragmatic and optimistic. And that’s how we work, finding pragmatic solutions with an optimistic mindset. Always believing in our vision.

own your


Everyone in our team owns their tasks. We fulfill our responsibilities with speed, flexibility, goal-orientation, courage, and commitment.

Aspirational Values

challenge the

status quo

We challenge ourselves and push each other outside the comfort zone. We thrive for innovation, new ideas and development, both personally and content-related.


customer obsessed

Our customer is at the center of everything we do. We build a product our customer needs and loves. Every decision we take, every feature we develop puts value creation for the customer on top - always.

We live corporate culture

Our culture type

Unser Empion Kulturtyp: Van

At Empion, we are:

 friendly.  encouraging.  dynamic.

Companies that embrace the Van culture type prioritize creating a family-like work environment and fostering teamwork and friendly relationships among their employees. This leads to highly resilient and adaptable workers who are empowered to take risks and seize opportunities.

These companies cultivate a collaborative and innovative culture, where employees unite to brainstorm and collaborate on novel ideas.

Working at Empion

The many reasons why we enjoy coming to work

At Empion, we don't just promote corporate culture; we live it every day!

As a company, we place a particular emphasis on integrating our values into everyday work. In addition, we offer many other benefits:

✔ Flexible working: As a remote-first company, we encourage and support flexibility.

✔ Convenient location: Our central office is located in Berlin-Mitte, providing a great workspace for those who prefer to come to the office.

✔ Tailored work assignments: At our company, we assign tasks that match your strengths and skills.

✔ Regular team events: We organize team events on a regular basis, both in-person and remote, to foster a strong sense of community within Empion.

Little refreshment before we leave for the Escape Room

Lunch break is our favorite time to spend together

Onboarding new team members is best done with pizza

Our team event in the Escape Room

Pizza & beer in the office

Our Head of Marketing David is a big fan of the Empion values

The best place to work in the summer – Our courtyard

Need a recommendation for lunch? Check out our favorite spot.

Our application process

Interested in joining our team? Great! Here's everything you need to know about our application process

1. Getting to know each other in a video call

As the first step, we invite you to a 30-minute video call where you can get to know Empion personally and discuss the general requirements. We will also ask you to take our online culture test before or after the call so that we can identify your individual culture type together.

2: The Professional Interview

For the next step, our Team Lead will conduct a professional interview with you either in person at our office or through a video call. Prior to the interview, we will ask you to prepare a brief topic for discussion in a short case. The purpose of this exercise is to gain insight into your ideas and professional competencies.

3: The Cultural Interview

In the third step, you will have the opportunity to get to know our two Empion founders, Larissa and Annika. During this step, you will discuss Empion, our company's big vision, and our values. Through this conversation, we can determine whether we are a good fit based on our shared values.

What makes working at Empion special?

Discover what our team has to say


“On the Empion team, I have the opportunity to work on a topic with purpose and in an incredibly great environment. Our goal is nothing less than to usher in a new era of recruiting and enable the majority of people to find their dream employer.”

Business Development

“Empion gives me the opportunity to make an entrepreneurial contribution. Our direct, honest, and appreciative feedback culture allows me to have a direct influence on the company's success, which motivates me tremendously.”


“The people behind Empion and the company's culture make it such a positive and supportive environment. There's always room for learning and growth, and I feel constantly challenged by the complex problems we solve every day. Most importantly, the company's values align perfectly with my own, and that makes coming to work every day a truly fulfilling experience.”


“From the beginning, I have taken on a lot of responsibility at Empion and at the same time have the freedom to plan my tasks independently. As a team, we always work together, always sticking to our vision. It’s great to be part of a product with a clear purpose, it gives us extra motivation.”


“At Empion, I have not only found a job, but I am also part of a team of passionate people who value creativity, innovation, and collaboration. It is great to work on exciting projects and witness them come to life.”


“It's time to rethink and revolutionize recruiting. At Empion, I have the opportunity to actively shape our vision with a lot of responsibility and with a talented team at eye level.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is what other applicants have been wondering.

Further questions & answers

Join the Empion team

Together we create the a sense of unity

Dr. Larissa Leitner
Founder and CEO

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