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Empion Method

The Empion Method

Scientific Methodology Combined with Technology

The Genesis of the Empion Method

The Scientific Foundations

Dr. Annika von Mutius and Dr. Larissa Leitner developed the Empion Method after many years of research and subsequent doctoral studies in mathematics and business administration. By working with job seekers and companies, they were able to analyze and define current labor market trends, ultimately verifying the methodology.

With the Empion methodology, all aspects of corporate culture can be measured and quantified. In order to assign a company to a specific culture type, a culture test was created using 8 short questions. The questionnaire refers to both hard facts, such as the employer's performance (e.g., social benefits), and soft facts, such as the corporate culture (e.g., communication within the company).

The Empion method is continuously developed and refined in cooperation with the Institute for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Family Enterprises at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management.

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The 8 Pillars of the Empion Method

Innovation & Convention

Innovation & Convention

The first pillar focuses on innovation & convention. In addition to the way a company works and its working climate, the following parameters of the unique culture questionnaire are measured: How process-compliant does the company operate? How open is the employer to new ideas? Is imagination valued?
Purpose & Values

Purpose & Values

The second pillar deals with the topic of corporate strategy, values and purpose. Within this pillar, aspects such as enthusiasm for the product/service, corporate culture or corporate values come into focus. Questions such as profit maximization vs. social responsibility.
Performance & Organization

Performance & Organization

The third pillar deals with the organization and performance culture of a company. Within this pillar, the type of goal setting, the willingness of employees to perform, and the error culture within a company are considered in particular.
Occurrence & Risk

Occurrence & Risk

The fourth pillar of the EMPiON method focuses on a company's risk appetite and demeanor. Part of this is also how realistically or optimistically business goals are planned, for example. An important area of this pillar is also the continuity or speed of an organization.
Leadership & Team

Leadership & Team

The fifth pillar of the EMPiON method is primarily dedicated to the management style within a company and the interaction within the team. In particular, the way in which decisions are made is analyzed, what managers place particular emphasis on, and how goal setting takes place within the company.
Handling & Empathy

Handling & Empathy

The sixth pillar analyzes the interaction within a company and the empathy between employees. The importance of performance vs. loyalty, the culture of discussion and the willingness to compromise among colleagues are taken into account.
New Work & Trends

New Work & Trends

The seventh pillar addresses the topics of anti-discrimination, new work and current trends in the labor market. In addition, it addresses topics such as mental health in the workplace, work-life balance and sustainability in the company.
Development & Communication

Development & Communication

The eighth pillar deals with communication and development opportunities within a company. In addition to further training opportunities for the workforce, the type of communication within a company and the feedback culture are analyzed.

At Empion, practical problems are solved using scientific methods. It quickly becomes clear where science and practice complement each other and can learn from one another. I find this challenge exciting!

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kai T. Horstmann
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kai T. HorstmannUniversität Siegen
The Smart Matchmaker

Our Matching Algorithm

For a successful match between applicants and companies, the individual cultural profile of both parties is determined. This process includes conducting a cultural analysis, where the HR department or management responds to 56 individual questions to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the corporate culture. It is crucial to have a certain number of employees also participate in the questionnaire to ensure the authenticity of the culture analysis. Once all the responses have been weighted and evaluated, the corporate culture is presented, aiding in the creation of an optimal fit between individual culture profiles.Similarly, applicants also undergo a cultural test. Our algorithm compares the information provided by companies with that of the talents to analyze the cultural fit. The greater the similarities, the better the applicants fit into the corporate culture, and vice versa. The matching tool predicts which questions will result in a more accurate match and identifies irrelevant questions, making the entire process more efficient. Even if applicants or companies do not answer or omit questions in the culture test, these factors are taken into consideration. Furthermore, the Natural Language Processing algorithm optimizes the wording of the questions to ensure the highest quality questions are used.

The Empion method enables practical relevance due to its high scientific standards.

Prof. Dr. Nadine Kammerlander
Prof. Dr. Nadine KammerlanderProfessor, WHU
The Recruiting Revolution

Our AI

Advancements in technology have enabled us to help companies find talent despite a shortage of skilled labor. Empion streamlines the application process by utilizing artificial intelligence, resulting in a better and more efficient experience for both companies and applicants.Empion is the first automated headhunting system for skilled labor markets that has a robo-advisor developed based on artificial intelligence. This advisor can quantify company values and identify suitable potential applicants. The robo-advisor is based on a cultural analysis developed in collaboration with renowned research institutions such as the WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management. Through this innovative technology, Empion offers companies the opportunity to find and hire qualified professionals faster and more effectively.
Traditional job ad vs. customized recruiting experience

AI in Recruiting

The job ad is one of the top channels for recruiting; however, it does not meet the demands of today's job market, which is facing challenges due to the shortage of skilled workers. To overcome this challenge, an individual approach to recruiting is necessary. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play. We can show you how to use AI to transform your recruiting process into an individualized talent search. Recruiting is often accidental rather than intentional. The reason for this lies in the way we identify and approach talent, resulting in a large scattering of candidates, of which only a few are actually relevant. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, you can streamline this process and find talent faster and more accurately, making it more efficient. Our whitepaper provides insights into how AI can significantly increase the efficiency of your recruiting efforts. We offer you best practices to independently expand your reach and take your recruiting strategy to the next level.

Learn more about the different types of corporate culture and take our Culture Test to see which one fits your company.

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