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Bring individuality to recruiting with Empion

Find suitable talent quickly, thanks to cultural fit.

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Financing supportEmpion develops the first automated headhunting system for the skilled labor market, which matches applicants and companies using an AI-based robo advisor based on skills, values, and personality traits. Based on an employer analysis developed in collaboration with research institutions such as WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, the robo advisor quantifies the company's values and then searches for suitable potential applicants. With the help of Empion, applicants discover their personal company culture type and receive personalised job offers after the analysis
Discover qualified talents in 3 steps

Find suitable talents 3x as fast with Empion

The comprehensive cultural analysis establishes a direct comparison between the current and target states, which immediately leads to recommendations for action for your company.

Your employees on the inside are also needed! You can achieve statistical accuracy in the data with just 10 % employee participation. Your time is valuable, so the time required per employee is just 7 minutes.

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We bring a personalized approach to recruiting

The advantages of Empion at a glance

Talents that fit

Talents that fit

Empion suggests talent that has both the right skills and cultural fit. This increases the hit rate threefold and includes candidates who are interested in changing jobs.
Reduce Time-to-Hire

Reduce Time-to-Hire

Accelerate your application process to save valuable time and score points with applicants. With Empion, you can save up to 16 hours per hire.
Convincing as an employer

Convincing as an employer

Our cultural analysis ensures that your company scores authentically. With Empion, you can increase your retention by up to 40 %.
Recruiting made easy

Recruiting made easy

Let us handle your talent search. With AI-based technology, we make it simple and easy to find employees.
This has convinced our customers

That's why companies trust Empion

“Corporate culture is our number one priority in the recruiting process. That's why we love working with Empion.”

Empion client: Dr. Nina Johanna Haltern

Dr. Nina Johanna Haltern

Director HR

“Selecting excellent people is the most important challenge. That's why Empion is the ideal recruiting solution for us.”

Empion client: Volker Maiborn

Volker Maiborn


“In our recruiting process, values and content qualification are synonymous. Empion delivers great pre-qualification on both levels.”

Empion client: Dr. Frank Freund

Dr. Frank Freund


“With Empion, we have realized a Time to Hire of 21 days on average. This far exceeds any other experience.”

Empion client: Ina Hoffmann

Ina Hoffmann

Director People & Culture

Scientific basics & studies

The Empion method

Based on years of research and PhDs in mathematics and business administration, Dr. Annika von Mutius und Dr. Larissa Leitner developed the Empion method. Using data from applicants and companies, they were able to analyze current labor market trends and create a methodology that could be verified.

With the Empion method, a company's corporate culture can be presented in a measurable way. The method uses a culture test with eight questions (in a shortened version) to assign companies to a culture type. The questionnaire addresses both hard facts (e.g. employee benefits) and soft facts (e.g. communication within the company).

The Empion method is continuously developed and optimized in collaboration with the Institute for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Family Enterprises at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Empion is the first automated headhunter for the skilled labor market. Thanks to AI-based technology and culture matching, we can find employees for your company simply and easily. We only suggest talented individuals who are interested in changing jobs and have both the right skills and cultural fit for your company. Our hit rate increases threefold, while retention increases by up to 40 %. Overall, you benefit from an accelerated application process with time savings of 16 hours.
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Empion is funded

Our project is supported by funds from the European Union (European Social Fund), the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and investors.

The Federal Government Germany
The European Social Fund in Germany
European Union (EU)
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Investitionsbank Berlin | IBB
Redstone Digital GmbH
Kienbaum Consultants International
VR Ventures Management GmbH
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