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AI in Recruiting

Paradox: Job Advertisement

The job advertisement is still one of the top recruiting channels. However, it is simultaneously outdated, inaccurate, and inflexible. An example: For a customer advisor position in Berlin, there are 7,000 listings on the traditional job portals. In today's job market, nobody has the willingness to navigate through such a mass market.

Preprogrammed Mismatch

Potential applicants don't truly find what they're looking for in the job advertisement. The factors that are actually important are not considered in such ads. The result is employees who don't fit the company, and companies that don't fit the employees.

We Need to Explore New Paths

Recruiting is often more chance than intention – but why? The answer lies in how we identify and approach talents. This often leads to a wide scatter, where only a few of the contacted individuals are actually relevant. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can optimize and streamline this process to more quickly and accurately find talents. In our whitepaper, you'll learn how AI can significantly enhance the efficiency of your personnel recruitment.