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The Ultimative Corporate Culture Guide

Your Corporate Culture in the Spotlight

At Empion, we pay special attention to corporate culture. In our opinion, it encompasses all aspects that relate to and influence the people in a company.

In other words, corporate culture encompasses all the prevailing values, norms, and attitudes that shape decisions, actions, and behaviors within the company.

This Is Why It Is So Important

The importance of a strong corporate culture in recruiting is more crucial today than ever before. At a time when around 70% of employees are contemplating changing jobs and belonging to a company is of great importance to Generation Z, an employer's cultural alignment plays a crucial role.

Studies show that approximately 50% of young talent refuse to work for an employer that does not align with their own values. Additionally, inappropriate company cultures lead to three times more resignations. The most critical factors for job satisfaction, such as appreciation, leadership, and personal development, are all cultural.

Find out everything you need to know about corporate culture in our guide!